Please join your PTHS classmates on the occasion of our 50th Reunion celebration in Paducah, Kentucky.
Friday, October 19, 2018, and Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Event Info

Registration is still open for our 50th reunion. The registration fee is non-refundable. Please contact Becky (Lankton) Becker if you have questions about the registration or activities at 615-491-1368 or at


Your class reunion committee is very excited about the plans for our reunion gathering in Paducah this October. Please make plans to attend and complete your registration as soon as possible.

Welcome and Sign In is on Friday, October 19, from 2 pm to 4 pm at Walker Hall, 229 Madison Street, Paducah, Kentucky (42001). Walker Hall is our reunion headquarters for this special weekend and open to socializing on Friday and Saturday. Walker Hall is a street level facility and handicapped assessable.  You are welcome to socialize with classmates at Walker Hall from 2 pm to midnight on Friday and from noon to midnight on Saturday.  

The registration fee for Friday and Saturday is $50 per person which includes on Friday night hors d’oeuvres accompanied by a short program of “Class of 1968 in Review” and on Saturday night the banquet dinner with a live band. Your ticket purchase also includes a PTHS 50th reunion welcome packet, tour of Tilghman, and the Classic Waxx band. On both nights a cash bar is available at Walker Hall from 6 pm to midnight.

If you need transportation to the reunion activities or have any other requests or questions please contact Becky (Lankton) Becker at 615-491-1368 or at  or Rita Jo (Blackford) Wilson at  423-509-2068 or at



Groups of hotel rooms are reserved at:
1) Country Inn and Suites by the mall
     • (10 rooms reserved $80-$90)
     • Contact Christina Shaw at 270-442-2201

2) Holiday Inn Paducah Riverfront
     • (40 rooms reserved $130-$140)
     • Contact Tracey Mathis at 270-366-7614 ext. 103,
       rooms are under the group name Tilghman HS 1968 Class Reunion

3) Paducah Bed and Breakfast, 1310 Broadway
     • (11 guest rooms $130)

     • Contact Valerie Fredrick at 270-978-1202

4) Auburn Place - Hotel & Suites, by the mall

    3994 Hinkleville Road - Phone 270-444-7667

     • (10 guest rooms $79 - reserve before Sept. 19)​

     • Contact hotel ask for PTHS Class of 1968 Reunion Group rooms

     • Website:


Friday, Oct 19th 2018


     8:30  (Time Change)

      Golf Outing - meet at Paxton Park

      Tee Time is 9 am

     10:00 AM


       2:00 PM - 4:00 PM  (You can socialize at Walker Hall until midnight)

  •  Check-in begins at 2 pm at Walker Hall 

  •  Social Time at Walker Hall 2 - 4 pm

  •  Free snacks & drinks (water, coffee, tea) available.

     4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 

          • Trolley Tour

          • If you are not taking the Trolly Tour you may continue to socialize at Walker Hall.

     5:30 PM - 7:00 PM 

          • Dinner at local restaurants (Classmates on their own for dinner)

          • You may continue to socialize at Walker Hall

     7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

          • Tilghman 2018 Homecoming Football Game - PTHS Class of 1968 will sit together in a reserved block of  bleacher 


              Our class will be recognized on the field at the end of the first quarter.     

          • If you are not attending the football game you may continue to socialize at Walker Hall.


     6:00 PM - Midnight   - Classmates Return to Walker Hall where Chuck Or and Susan Clark Sacharnoski will host the Friday night program of fun and a memory slideshow.  Following the short program is more time for socializing from 9pm to midnight. 

          • Walker Hall is open for classmates that choose not to attend the game

            and also is available afterwards for classmates returning from the game.
          • Social Time at Walker Hall with Cash Bar (6 PM – midnight)
          • Free snacks and drinks (water, coffee, tea) available


     9:00 PM - 12:00 PM

           • Classmates return from the game and gather at Walker Hall
              for TBA “trips down memory lane” skits, slideshow, and some surprises.

Tentative Schedule

Saturday, Oct 20th 2018

     10:00 AM - Midnight

          • Walker Hall Open

     8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

          • Decoration Committee meet at Walker Hall

     10:00 am - Noon
           • Tour of Tilghman

     Noon - 5:00 PM 
          • Social Time at Walker Hall

          • Free snacks & drinks (water, coffee, tea) available.

     Noon -  Midnight

          • Octoberfest at Maiden Alley (Downtown) (extra fees apply)


     2:00 pm - 3 pm         

         • Drill Corps Coke Party at Kenmil Place, 4300 Alben Barkley Drive

            Hosted by Edwina Gunter Overby and Juliette Ezzell Grumley

     6:00 PM - Midnight

          • 50th Reunion Banquet - Semi Dressy 

                                Classmates Hermes Lee and Max Sacharnosky will host our

           evening festivities. 
          • Cash Bar open (6PM - midnight)


Classmates Attending

October 13, 2018 updated list of Class of 1968 Classmates who have registered to attend our 50th reunion as of now:


Bike Ride Registration for 10 am Friday, October 19, 2018 starting at Bike World

Info Still Needed for these Classmates

October 13, 2018 Updated information on our PTHS Class of 1968 classmates without contact information.   If you have contact information on any of these 75 classmates listed below are located, please send it to Rita Jo Blackford Wilson at this email address,