Classmates Attending

Here is a list of Class of 1968 Classmates on the Reunion Committee and planning to attend the 50th reunion as of now.  Number of classmates attending is 122 and the total number of people registered is 177.

IMG_9489 (2).JPG

We need contact information on the classmates listed below as of October 9, 2018

The reunion committee needs your help in locating as many of our classmates as possible.  As of today, October 9, 2018 we have contact information for 262 classmates.   That means we have found contact information for 133 classmates during the last year thanks to the efforts of the members of the planning committee and other individuals in our class.  If you have contact information for any of these remaining 72 classmates listed below are located, please send it to Rita Jo Blackford Wilson at this email address,